Perfect Saffron Loaf

The Cornish national day is all about bringing on the sunshine - and adding saffron to everything is the perfect way to do it.


Burns Night leftovers

A tasty, easy way to use up leftover haggis and tatties, if Burns Night didn't quite manage it.

All hail the ferment

A go-to recipe from the master of all things fermented, via the beloved OH.


Rays of sunshine

A bright, tropical tarte tatin to lighten up your winter evenings.


Taking superfood to new heights

For when time's against you, this soda bread - packed with nuts, seeds and seaweed - is your new best friend.


A good spread

A four ingredient (cheaper, fresher, sexier) homage to the world's favourite spread.


Winter is upon us

Use up your leftover mince pies in this aromatic wintry bread and butter pudding.


Craving brightness

For grey days when the sun doesn't bother coming up - choose green.


Apple custard tart

Crisp golden pastry, cinnamon spiced apples, and a hint of booze. Hello, winter, we've missed you.


Dinner menu for 4

The first in a series of posts I’m planning that pick recipes I’ve published, gathering them together in a supper-club style menu. This is vegetarian, and serves around 4 people.


If you make one dessert this weekend…

Make it this Raspberry Frangipane Tart. It's so good.


Cauliflower with a twist

This Middle-Eastern inspired autumnal dish is perfect as part of a lunchtime spread of treats.


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