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Portrait strip bw - Crumbs and RosesWelcome to Crumbs and Roses! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Rosie. I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but I’m originally from Cornwall (550 miles south). I love food, wine, clever puns and cookery books. I know where to find the good blackberry patches. I can poach two eggs at the same time in the same pan. I once baked a 2ft long novelty willy cake for my best friend’s hen party. I have been an actual judge in an actual Cornish pasty competition. I co-wrote a book about seafood.

These are the things I’d tell you about myself whether you asked to know them or not.

When I’m not eating, drinking or cooking, I’m thinking about when I’ll get to eat, drink or cook next, and what it’ll be. I also write a lot about food, wine and everything in between.

Though I’ve actually been typing wildly into the abyss for about five years now, Crumbs and Roses started in summer 2017 as I came to terms with the weird fidgety boredom that is ‘having the house to myself’. These are, quite literally, the notes from my battered kitchen table. It’s a place where I play around with ingredients I like, ones I don’t like, and ones I might like if I just add the right seasoning. It’s a place where I hone my nose and tasting notes, mainly for wine, but also for whisky and beer. Most importantly, it’s where I’ve been playing with presentation: making the food I create look as beautiful as it tastes. Food styling is where I’m experimenting, and you’ll see the results here, and on Instagram.

Come in. Pour a big glass of nice wine. Join me at the kitchen table. And please don’t talk during The Archers.

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