Ginspirational stocking fillers

In 2016, the gifting world went crazy for gin baubles. Originally produced by the truly sensational Pickerings Gin in Edinburgh, you couldn’t buy them for love nor money anywhere, such was the gin-fuelled fervour. Beautiful brightly coloured baubles to hang on the tree, each containing a hearty measure of craft gin to be opened at intervals over the festive season.

This year, I was determined to get my hands on some, and after much hunting, I found myself a box of 6 in a favourite booze haunt near our flat. Problem was, there’s nobody I like enough who’d appreciate a box of 6 gin baubles. I figured they’d make much prettier individual stocking fillers, even more so if I added a personal touch by attacking them with a glue gun, sequin stars and glitter.

See the selection below!



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