Simple goodness

Sometimes the simplest elements, combined in smart, hearty quantities and at perfect points of ripeness, make the best desserts. A dessert should always feel like a serious, indulgent, concentration-worthy treat (and honestly, it’s this concentration element that is my barometer for goodness: I ask questions like, ‘Will I want to look away from my phone while I eat this?’ ‘Would I eat this on public transport where everyone might see my o-face?’ Etc)*

Pakeeza live set yoghurt - 65p from Sainsburys

I found this yoghurt in Sainsbury’s, sat among the lassis and supersize pots of yoghurt you can buy if yoghurt makes up a big part of your diet (or if you just really love yoghurt. Either is good).
I’d just spent a blehh weekend in London, and wanted something that would make my tummy happy again after two days of standing, sweating and eating carbohydrates. This is a live, set yoghurt by Pakeeza, and it was 65p for a 500ml pot. Hello, goodness.

I ate it with the contents of a really ripe passionfruit and a soft squeeze of honey, and it was perfect.

Live yoghurt with passionfruit - food styling from Crumbs and Roses

I enjoyed playing with the shots for this one – as I said it’s a really simple dessert, so I want to make the textures and patterns play a wee bit. Passionfruit is such an interesting fruit, inside and out, and not just to eat, and the brightness of the seeds and pulp against the thick white yoghurt was so satisfying.

Live yoghurt and passionfruit - Crumbs and RosesBeautiful textures and patterns come together in this simple delicious dessert (Crumbs and RosesTextures and colours - food styling (Crumbs and Roses blog)

The bowls were Sainsbury’s Home, £1 each: dove grey and good size. I bought two, in anticipation of winter treats, steamed puddings, crumbles and hot custard. Cannae wait.

*The OH and I once watched a woman on a busy bus sat in a single seat during the evening commute, eating a miniature trifle with her finger. No spoon, just a committed index finger. She finished the whole thing. Horrifying, yet oddly inspiring at the same time.


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